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Malifaux-Mondays! Göteborg 11/3


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"Together you are stronger", an old earth proverb that echos through the taverns and high halls and even in the dirty cobblestone streets on the other side of the breach its true. At this moment sword sisters join soulstone smugglers and string propelled dolls join ranks with the undead lady's of the night. everywhere unholy unions are being struck. All to claim a little more power.

Come by the store between 16:00-21:00(http://www.wizard-games.com/) if you want to play a special Malifaux match or just a regular match or if you just want to try the game or look at someone else playing swing by!

Adress and phonenumber to the store!

Wizard-games store Kvilletorget 18 417 04 Göteborg 031-51 41 50

If you got any questions just write to me here or send a PM or visit our forum http://malifaux.se/forum/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=71&p=555#p555


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