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Demo Day in Leeds AL @ Bud's Place on August 18th!!!


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*********PLEASE BE AWARE! ORIGINAL POST WAS FOR THE 11th! IT IS NOW THE 18th!!!**********

In or around Leeds, AL on August 18th, head down to Bud's Place. It's a wonderful place with ton's of games and tables and Mark has allowed me to come down and demo some MALIFAUX! So get your card flipping on. Leeds is about 30 min from Birmingham, and 40 from Oxford!

I will be bringing Guild and Neverborn models, all you need is yourself and a fun attitude!


[TABLE=class: ts intrlu, width: 100%]




[TD]Bud's Place

8044 Parkway Drive

Leeds, AL 35094

(205) 699-1066





Saturday August 18th


4pm till they close!

(Note, I might be there earlier then that, but I feel 4pm is a comfortable time to be able to commit to being there).

Mark or Bud are usually there running the place if you have any questions!

Derek is my name and I'm available for any questions before or during!

Pm me for my contact information or for request on more information! If you need help or directions to the place please call them as they can direct you better then myself!

Hope to see you guys then!

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