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Baraboo, Wisconsin---Dead Heat League Starting July 27th


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We will be running a league that will help to promote the Dead Heat Campaign that will start on July 27th at 7:00pm at:

Labrynth Games

123 3rd Ave

Baraboo, WI


We will be following the rules for the Dead Heat Campaign and weekly updates will be provided to let everyone know where their favorite faction stands. Once you have played a game, you just fill out a result slip and put it in the box marked "Malifaux Results"; both can be found near the game boards that you will be playing on.

Dead Heat Rules

Anyone, anywhere in the world may choose to make a game of Malifaux a campaign game. Simply agree with your opponent before the game that it will be for the campaign. To participate, you and your opponent must be playing different factions (For Example: two players both using Guild couldn’t log a campaign game). This rule is just to keep it fair, it’s difficult to show that your faction is winning by fighting itself!

Next, after the Choose Factions step of the Encounter Setup Sequence (see Rules Manual pg. 62) add an additional step: Flip for Attacker/Defender and choose Sector. After each player has announced their faction and agreed to play a campaign game, both players flip a card. The player with the highest card may choose to be the Attacker or Defender. The Attacker then selects one of the Defender’s sectors (an area of the map controlled by the Defender’s faction). This is the sector you will be fighting over. Pay close attention, some sectors may have additional special rules!

If a faction does not control any sectors, that faction is always the Attacker. If two factions both control zero sectors and they happen to play each other flip for Attacker/Defender as normal and the Attacker may choose any sector on the map, regardless of whether or not the Defender controls it.

The Map

The map of Malifaux has been cut up into 15 sectors. Each of these sectors represents an important area of the city. Before playing a game, you and your opponent must determine which sector you are fighting over. The sectors are:

1)Western Slums (1) 2) Downtown (3) * 3) Northern NCZ (2) 4) Industrial Zone (1) 5) Southern NCZ (2) 6) Warehouse District (Quarantined)(2) 7) Little Kingdom and surrounding Slums(3) * 8) Quarantine Zone(3)*

9) Deadwalks City (Quarantined) (3) * 10) Salvage and Logistics (2) 11) The Burns (2) 12) Howling Slums (1) 13) Southern Slums (1) 14) Southgate (3) * 15) Southern Docks District (Quarantined) (1)

The number in parenthesis after the sector’s name represents how many Campaign Points (CP) a sector is worth. The faction with the most CP at the end of the campaign wins. (For Example: at the end of the campaign the Guild control Downtown, The Burns, and The Howling Slums. As these are worth 3, 2, and 1 CP respectively, the Guild has 6 CP total.)

Each sector on the map (Link to come) has a color associated with a certain faction. This denotes which faction currently controls that sector. Red for Guild, blue for Arcanists, green for Ressurectionists, gold for Outcasts, and purple for Neverborn.

Some sectors are marked with an * (Note: all of the sectors worth 3 CP). This denotes that this sector has an additional special rule, which will come into play in any games played in this sector.

Sector Special Rules

The following sectors have the listed special rule:

2) Downtown: Once per turn, when the Defending player declares an action, the acting model gains an additional Ram to all duel totals for the remainder of that models activation.

7) Little Kingdom and surrounding Slums: The Defending player may add 2 soulstones to their pool at the start of the game. This may put their cache above the limit normally allowed for their game size.

8) Quarantine Zone: The Defending player may score victory points for one unannounced scheme as if it had been announced. (Note: If the Defender chooses to have two unannounced schemes, he or she must mark in some way which one will be worth the additional points if completed)

9) Deadwalks City : After deploying crews the Defending player may place up to five plagued corpse counters on the table. These plagued corpse counters must be at least 8” apart and three of them must be placed at least 8” away from the Defending player’s Deployment Zone. When a model which is carrying one of these plagued Corpse Counters activates, its controller may choose to discard the plagued corpse counter to search his or her fate deck for a card with the printed crows suit, reveal it to all players, and then place it in their hand. Afterward the player must shuffle their deck. (Note: these plagued corpse counters may also be used as regular corpse counters, and may only be picked up by a model which can normally pick up corpse counters.)

14) Southgate: For the duration of the game, the Defending player draws one additional card during the draw phase and then discards one card of their choice.

Throughout the course of the Campaign other sectors may receive additional special rules or special terrain. This will be clearly marked on (Link to come).

Logging Games

The faction that wins a game gains one Sector Point in the sector in which the game was played. The faction with the most Sector Points in any given Sector controls it (For Example: The Guild has 55 Sector Points in the Downtown sector and the next highest is Ressurectionists at 35. The Guild control the Downtown sector). If two factions are tied for points in a given sector, it remains controlled by the Faction who had control of it on the previous update.

Once the game is done, report the results to your local Wyrd Henchman and he or she will then give the results to us. If you do not know your local Henchman check the list at:
or post a thread on the forums to see if you can find one in the same area as you. If that does not work, consider becoming one yourself!

Winning the Campaign

The faction with the most Campaign Points at the end of the campaign (August 26th) will win and a new alternate sculpt of their henchman will be made. If two or more factions are tied for Campaign Points, the faction with the most total Sector Points (combined from all sectors) is the winner.

Starting Sectors

Each faction begins the campaign controlling 3 different sectors; one worth 3 CP, one worth 2 CP, and one worth 1 CP, for a total of 6 CP for each faction. Each faction also begins with 85 Sector Points distributed as follows: 50 in the sector worth 3 CP, 25 in the sector worth 2 CP, and 10 in the sector worth 1 CP. For an updated list of exactly how many Sector Points each faction has in each sector, go to: (Link to come).


The Map and total sector point list will be updated once a week, every Friday. These can be found on the Wyrd Forums and Website.

Audio updates for the campaign will be provided once a week, every Sunday. These can be found atBreachside.coda.net

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