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Flesh out Guild, or add outcasts?


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So, I have the Lady J box, Lucius box, an austringer, 2 more guild guard, an executioner (a convict gunslinger)...

And 60 odd SS worth of Raspy.

My question, Should I look at getting both Perdita and Sonnia box sets (plus the invariable extra's that will be required for them...) or go to Von Schill next? Part of me likes the idea of Von Schill goodness, but I am wondering if more Guild masters will help me more? I don't play often (time constraints) and there aren't a lot of tourneys hereabouts.

Thoughts, opinions, random musings?

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Expanding what you have: some hounds might help you grab objectives quicker, and are cheaper to sac for Lucius' reactivate than guild guard. 2nd austringer and drill sarge will help you get the most out of issue command.

I don't think there's much you'd have to add to a sonnia box that you don't already have. I really enjoy playing Sonnia. Just wish her crew (and guild in general) was a little faster.

Freikorps: You'd be stuck playing smaller games with these guys unless you pick up some extra mercs or the Viks. On the other hand, you can always hire a couple of korps (or the Schill) for your other crews, so you'd gain some versatility there.

I guess you should just go with what you feel like painting most! :)

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Thanks chaps...

@dsmiles - If I didn't have a small child and a house (money sink if ever there was one)... I'd have Sonnia and Perdita, as well as a large Nicodem crew, and Von Schill, probably the Vics...

@mistercactus - I will definitely get some hounds. I suppose I was thinking the Schill as I have a pretty big Raspy crew (which I picked up as a BARGAIN!!) and thought he could complement both builds. However, in hindsight... I recently remembered that I can't have 2 special forces, so I would have either Lucius OR Von Schill.

Maybe I need another Guild master or 2 before I get the Schill... Increased options and all that...

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