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How I (try to) teach Puppet wars to new player


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This is the story of a player trying to teach how to play to another... and moreover, trying to write in English, being french spoken… I’m sorry for you in advance.

I let him play Seamus and his band as he’s used to it with Malifaux game. His Seamus band

I try the Lady Justice’s band… second time a play with that Master. My Lady Justice band

Game Size: Shoebox… enough choice for a first experience.

I choose the traditional Map n°1 as it is adapted to learn the basics.

First turn : setting up of the strategies…

During the first moves, the puppets get ready for war.Seamus takes 4 puppets out of his tool box : 2 punk zombies, a rotten belle and the deadly Bête noire. Thanks to his capacity, a rotten belle makes a double activation without suffering a RIP. She takes control of a new work bench on her left, while her friends take place around. A lonely punk zombie goes to the right in order to block the enemy advance.

In the same time, Lady justice rises a team of 4 others puppets : The judge, an executioner, a guild austringer and a guild hound. While the guild austringer moves to the left neutral work bench in order to be well placed for second turn, his friends get divided upon the two other neutral work benches.

No confrontation took place at that moment… and at the end of the first turn, we had 5 puppets in each band, ready to unstitch. (Arf… a pun that doesn’t work in English as “unstitch” means also “do battle” in French…missed!)


Second turn : first fell buttons

The Bête noire makes a run to fight with the judge… and makes one RIP. Lady justice, preventing the attack of one punk zombie, casts an elite combat training on her own and goes for battle. She makes 2 RIP to the poor zombie.

Then Seamus casts a taking advantage to the yellow zombie and stand on his work bench. The guild austringer reacts in moving to the neutral work bench and making a ranged attack to the zombie near Lady Justice… thanks to a card from control hand, and tears apart his enemy.

Then, the second zombie goes to attack the Judge and succeeds in doing 2 another RIP, moving the Judge to his Scrap heap. Moreover, he inflected himself a RIP to cause a RIP to the executioner, with the powerful rot. The guild hound bravely runs to protect his master, closing the path from Seamus bands.

Sebastian appears and attacks the hound, missing his aim. Due to a poor animation card, the hound tries to bite the hand of Sebastian in reaction… but misses him.

Ending the second turn, Nino moves out of the work bench and makes an accurate shoot to the Bête noire, causing her a RIP. In response, a little Chihuahua approaches to the guild hound and try to steal his bone. During the fight that follows, the big hound received a wound, making him contract the rabies.


Third turn : where I lost my mind…

It started pretty well, as Nino, aiming at the Bête noire, sees her going back to his toy box. He fails trying to attach to him the bandana of the Judge, but he charges the punk zombie, blocking it. The Chihuahua goes back for a fight with the big dog and tears apart the guild hound, thanks to a card form control hand… making Sebastian gain a decay counter.

Then, Lady Justice moves to attack the zombie that dodges high, leaving the zombie in one part. The zombie strikes back Lady Justice that makes an insupportable dodging (13 of toms)... the attack missed. Nevertheless, he still inflects a wound to the executioner with the powerful rot.

Sebastian then moves in-between Seamus and Lady Justice, while Lady Justice takes a RIP to animate once again and properly cuts in two pieces the poor zombie… She mines the neutral work bench in the same time and moves to Sebastian. I then realized that Sebastian has just gained his second decay counter.

Last round for Sebastian, who takes a hound, animates again and casts successfully a Shred on Lady Justice! End of the game!



Painted minis mastered the game… I have to go on (with great pleasure) in painting them. More pictures here

I’m disappointed off having lost against the band I usually plays…

As my comrade is one of the French Malifaux fan forum admin, I let him play the Ressurectionists, as he does in Malifaux game… so it taught me the guild’s way of fighting! And I have much to learn.

Last words

Well… I would say that letting him win the game was a very good way to give him the will to try it more. A chance for me to strike back too…

Thanks for reading me.

A last picture, takenk during play


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