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H: Malifaux, PP W: PP, GW, $$


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I have a bunch of random stuff to trade. Here is what I have.....

10 Blighted Swordsmen

Immortals boxed set

Immortals blister

Venator unit box

Venator UA blister


Gatorman unit box(3)

Lady J boxed set

Ortega boxed set

Scales of Justice

Enslaved Nephilim

Governers Proxy

Sameal Hopkins





Abuela Ortega

Terraclips Buildings w/clips(punched out of card stock, never been used)

I also have everything from the Resurrectionists if you're more interested in those. I"ll post a list later or pm me and I'll make one up for ya.

Really hoping to trade/sell these in larger lots if possiable. I don't want to trade one fig at a time.




Merc Pirate units and solos

Croes Cutthroats


Angelius(maybe a few other select Legion beast, solos and units)

40k Grey Knights



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Here's a list of my rezzers. If I list a model that comes in a blister I have all of the models that come in it.

Red Chapel Gang box

Undertaker's Lot box

Body Theives box

Spirits of Vengeance box

Molly box


Bette Noir

The Hanged

Crooked Men

Mindless Zombies x2

Copycat Killer

Zombie Chihuahua

Vulture x2

Grave Spirit

Caine Remains 1&2

Seishen blister x2

Gaki blister x2

Lost Love

Shikome x2

Guild Autopsies

Night Terrors

Dead Rider

Flesh Construct II

Seamus Avatar

Kirari Avatar

560$ retail. I would really like to get 325$ shipped for the whole lot or trade it for grey knights. Thats 40% off retail for well assembled(pinned) models that are bare metal.

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Be Aware,

I sent a package of pirates off to brimmstone per our PM agreement on Feb 1, 2012. I spent the extra on tracking, which shows it arrived on Feb 3. Unfortunately I have not heard anything from brimmstone, and my PM requests for information I sent last Thursday (Feb 9) have not garnered any responses.

I don't mind if there's been a delay, but until I get some more information, I am goind to have to assume I have lost my figures and would warn people to be cautious.

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