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ramos tactic...


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hi guys just want to know if this is legal...the way i read it, it is but as its my theory i guess i could be blinkered

using ramos, rusty alyce and soulstone miners;

use the ss miner action to give them +2 melee master then attack with the rest of their actions (3 cb6 armour ignoring), then use ramos (0) linked in to reactive them after him, do electrical fire with him (3 cc14 armour ignoring) then use the ss miner again for a further 4 cb6 armour ignoring. then use rusty and do burn out on ss miner (reduced it to 1 wd) and do another 4 cb6 armour ignoring. so a total of 14 armour ignoring attacks in one activation.....

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tactic re-wrote as ive now read the RM again

do linked in(0)..then electrical fire(1) cc14 armour ignoring for remaining ap(3 attacks), then activate ss miner do the +2 melee master and then attack use last ap to bury (3 armour ignoring cb6 attacks).

use other ss miner and do +2 melee master and attack (3 armour ignoring cb6 attacks)

then with rusty do burn out on same ss miner, then use rustys last ap to do rust (cc14 armour ignoring and slow), using ss miner do 3 cb6 armour ignoring attacks followed by bury.

so all in all 13 armour ignoring attacks in 1 turn

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