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H:Ogres, Tau & Confrontation W: Lilith / Ressers


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Just having a bit of a speculative punt before I chuck this all up on Ebay.


6 Ogre Bulls

4 Ironguts (One converted standard bearer)

4 sets of Irongut arms

1 Metal Tyrant

1 Slave Giant

500 points of Tau. (12 Firewarriors, 1 Suit (used as a character), 3 stealth suits, 4 gun drones and a Piranha.

A bag of Rackhams Confrontation metal range, mostly Dwarves of Mid Nor and Orcs of the Behemoth. There's also a fair few of the Cadwallon Ogres that were intended to become Maneaters / Hunters. Some crackers in there, like the Cyclops of Mid Nor which could be the basis of an amazing Flesh Golem or Desolation Engine. Thinking about it, I can probably put my hands on a selection of Sessair Kelts and Cynwal Elves too in the next couple of days.

I can provide pics of the Ogres ( TT Quality, but you're not going to be ashamed to put them on the table, some bits still need to be painted, but all the big flat boring bits are done ). The Tau are also a nice table top quality, and while they ain't gonna win any awards, I do get good comments on the rare occaisions I put them out. Confrontation stuff is almost entirely unbuilt and unpainted and in most circumstances is still in the box / blister.


Lilith. Box, bits, anything really.

Nicodem box and any other resser stuff pretty much.

Outcasts. Stuff to add to a Von Schill crew to spice it up a bit.

Chuck me a PM with an offer if there's anything that floats your boat and you have old toot to get out of the way. Or if you want me to go through the massive sack of NiB confrontation to look for specific bits.


*Should probably note, I'm in the UK and would prefer to stick to shipping around this Sceptered Isle*

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