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H:Painting Ability W:WM Cygnar,Malifaux

Dark Alleycat

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Ok so I am looking to expand my game collection,and while I dont have an abundance of money,I do have a fairly strong supply of Painting ability.

From what people have stated,it ranges from great tabletop quality to above it.

Here is a link to my painting blog,and the most recent posts give a good clear example of my ability.


Now,as for Pricing.

5 dollars for minions,troops,so on for good tabletop quality.

10 dollars for Masters,Henchman,Characters.Great Tabletop quality.

And as for what I am looking for:

Lilith,Mother of Monsters

3 Terror Tots

3 Young Nephilim

2 Mature Nephilim



Hooded Rider.

Marcus 'Siege' Brisbane

Arcane Tempest Gun Mage Captain

Arcane Tempest Gun Mage unit

2 Hunter light warjack

2 Defender heavy warjack

Stormblade unit

Stormblade officer and standard bearer

2 Stormblade stormgunners

Stormclad heavy warjack.

And best of all,I am willing to trade based on retail value for what I am wanting.Which makes my affordable painting prices even better for you.

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