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Sonia Criid question


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Just started collecting and trying to get some freind into play.

Was having a difficulty figuring something out.

Criid's Runed Blade states at the end "Models wounded by this weapon cannot cast spells until the End Close Phase.

Does this then mean that if Criid hit Pandora with this then Pandora activated she can't cast spells during her turn. Later during the End close phase she can kinda reactivate to cast spells then; or is her turn done so she just can't cast spells that turn. Does this in turn also work with any effect that states such things as "until (start/end) closing phase?

Thank you for the patience.

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In the end Closing phase noone can activate or reactivate...

Such Thing you do in the Activation Phase...

So Yes if you hitz Pandy with the Blade and she has not Activated this turn... she will not be able to cast Spells during her activation.

And if she gets reactivation from any source she would still not be able to cast spells...

But she can still spam Pacify or Incite... wich are no spells...

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