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Have a horde o' Gremlins want £


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Hi all.

I'm doing another "faction re-shuffle" and I will be getting rid of my gremlin horde. Most models are built and on wyrd bayou bases (and some bases have bayou accessories on them to add some differences to similar models), but a few piglets and bayou gremlins are unbuilt. Nothing is base coated or painted.

I have:






3 x Giant Mosquito

12 x Bayou Gremlin

Gremlin Taxidermist

2 Slop Haulers

6 Stuffed Piglets

3 Piglets

Hats and Guns of Malifaux

All cards have been laminated and are included. I'm based in the UK.

PM/reply with offers - around 1/2 rrp for the items (including cost of bases) should do the trick.

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