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Step by Step: Buccaneer - 1650´s


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Hey everyone !

At the moment I am working on the Buccaneer 1650´s from Andrea and decided to do a little Step by Step :).

Before i started to paint i removfed all mold lines and pinned his feet. I glued him on his base so i can move him around while painting.

For priming i started with black primer and then just a thin layer of white ( spray, of course ). This gives my colors a better grip. I can equally paint bright and dark colors, without it looking stupid.

Heres the first picture:


Trousers: The main color is beasty brown. I did some highlights with snakebite leather and bleached bone and the shadows are made in charred brown and black.

Shirt: I wanted it to look really old. Main color was bleached bone with some first shades in terra earth.

I just painted some other parts in their main color, so i have a better impression on how he will look like later on. It also helps me on deciding on the other colors and shadow-tones.

Next picture:


I continued to paint the shirt using a mixture of blue ( intense blue i think ) and black. I used very thinned down color. The reason i did this was to build a nice contrast to the warm trousers.

Here is a picture of my palette while working with it:


Maybe this helps you :)

You can see that i always have color that is dilluted and pure, so i can choose from whatever i need. That are also all colors i used in the next Step.


I wanted to have darker shadows on the shirt and also improved the blendings. The Shadows are a mixture of scorched brown and dark prusia blue.

So basically i have used:

Bleached Bone --> Highlights

Terra Earth --> Middletone ( areas aren´t in direct light )

Scorched Brown and bluetones ( Shadow areas )

I also outlined a bit to define the whole miniature. My outline-color was a mix of black, blue and brown.

As you can see I also did paint the sash. It is not finished, though. Colors were Blood Red and Black.

I hope you like it and that this helps you :)


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