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CGC Malifaux Tourney - 4th June 2011, London


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Dear All,

We will be running a one day Malifaux tournament at the Cross Gaming Club on Saturday 4th June 2011.

The entry fee is £10 p/person including lunch at the pub (from a set menu, further details soon) and there will be prizes for the 1st and 2nd place and best painted crew.

The tournament will run loosely based on the official Gaining Ground rules. 3 rounds of 35SS scraps with open pool (55SS) and a single master choice.Further details in the document attached or in the link above.

There are 16 places; you can sign up by emailing me your real name and forum name to m.toth.84@gmail.com, the entry fee will need to be paid to me by Friday 27th of May via paypal or in person at the club.

Paypal users: you can pay in to m.toth.84@gmail.com. Please note your full name and user name, so I know who paid and who didn't. Please chose 'personal/other' option for the payment. Paypal will charge you for making the payment so your total may be a little more then £10.

Please note that this is a small local tournament. There is another, bigger event on the same day at the Birmingham Games Expo organized by Clousseau. You can find the thread for that event here.


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People signed up:

1. Aidan - CunningStunt :masks £

2. Ian - Calmdown :rams £

3. John - JPS :crows £

4. Justin - Machen :rams £

5. Marcus - marcus :tomes £

6. Marcin - Martin G :ranged £

7. Paul - Edsmasha :masks £

8. George - Talos :rams £

9. Jay - Pharaoh :ranged £

10. Sam - Sam :ranged £

11. Daniel - Daniel :rams £

12. Nigel - Mr Grumpy :crows £

13. Thomas - Poulpox :masks £

14. Rob - The One Tyrant :masks: £

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Thanks to everyone attending, if everyone was having at least half as much fun as I did, it was a great event.

Results as follow (you can find the whole on the bottom):

1st place: Martin G - Ophelia LaCroix

2nd place: Poulpox - The Dreamer

Best painted: Jay - Ramos

Congratulations to the winners who got £45, £25 and £15 gift cards from Dark Sphere.

Look forward to more great events in collaboration with the Clapham Wargamers Guild and the Cross Gaming Club in the future!


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