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Hex & Single Minded


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Last night our gaming group came to a crossroads when I Hexed off Shikome's Single Minded.

My opinion and the group consensus is that while Shikome looses Single Minded and all its benefits, the target is still designated Prey as it was already marked. Also Stalk Prey and Hunting Partner can still be used as it doesn’t mention Single Minded. Was this correct?

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I would say if a model is marked by as it's prey, it will stay marked and the Shikome would still be able to use hunting partner, although the wont gain fast or :+fate from single minded

New prey is interesting since it regain single minded I wouldn't know if hex would remove it after it regains it. (I don't think it does)

So Hexing single minded isn't as useful as Hexing new prey first

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