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An idea for Myranda


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I am a fan of waldgeists. I think Myranda would work well as a waldgeist as she would gain armor and a better melee attack, but still be able to heal things. Her speed would be about the same, but she would have scout. She would lose 1 wound if I remember correctly.

Feel free to comment on the best way you have found to utilize Myranda.

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She is not able to heal things becaus she needs Ram and Book für the spell...

The Waldgeist does not have a Ram or book in its casting Value...

The best way to play her is as a Healer in theBackground that s able to change into a real Meleethread...

And i took her with the necromancy and a Silent one in addition to an Essence of Power as a real tough Caster...

That works quite good.. but the list is slower than the usual Marcus Lists...

It takes while to handle that!

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