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New to Malifaux


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Hi there, I am new to Malifaux and really just wanted some quick advice.

I really like the guild so i have bought a couple of their starters (Justice and Criid) as well as both corresponding totems, and an Executioner.

My question really is what is the best way to field 2 thirty five point lists from this combination.

The two i had in mind, both add the totem, and the executioner, with Justice adding another witchling, but in Criid dropping a withcling to throw in the judge. This takes both to a point where they can breach the gap with SS.

Thanks in advance

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I think out of the non master models you got there the main case for auto include is Samael. His range is a little short for such a shooty model, but get him in a good spot to Rapid Fire with Flaming Bullets up and he can make a big hole in most lists.

I favour Witchlings over Death Marshals in the 4 points bracket, they have a few more options available to them that disrupt your opponent, other than the tricky Pine Box spell. However with Justice, a single Death Marshal might be handy to boost her already considerable melee damage potential.

Given your options and my preference for Criid, I'd go something like:





2 Witchlings


7 Cache

If you want Justice as master could just be a case of trade Criid and her totem and maybe the Witchlings for Marshals.

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Hi there, thanks for that. The Criid list you have there is what i was going for with her, but as two lists with different masters are required i also had a Justice list planeed. But as you say maybe just subbing criid for justice and the witchlings for marshals would work fine, and the totems.


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Don't rule out the Peacekeeper.

It may be expensive (both ways), but it can be very much worth it. It's big, fast, tough, and strong. Mine usually draws a lot of fire, but that leaves my other models free to go after objectives.

It's basically the closest thing Malifaux has to a tank.

The one big reason to not take it I can think of is if you want to have a lot of models on the board.

You might also consider a Guild Guard or two. That built-in :+fate on their gun is brutal.

With Criid, though, you should definitely keep a big cache. She runs through 'stones like nobody's business (and causes a lot of mayhem doing so).

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Death Marshals have finish the job for Lady Justice giving her even more damage out put. Also never underestimate slow to die. Great you get a 2 dmg pop if model was killed in melee from witchling. But Death Marshals slow to die can 3-7 dmg with a gun.

I have usually pull off an average of 4 damage from a slow to die action, usually kill when killed me.

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Also as the players in my local game store are learning,Richochet is a incredibly nasty ability. a 5/6/7 on one model,and then another taking a 1/2/4. All of which means Samael gets an auto include in just about any list I make.

Him with perdita,nephilim,and abuelita,getting 3 shots from them and 3 from himself each turn? brutal.

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Cat is correct with the nasty power of Samuel with the Ortegas. I don't ever run Samuel in with my Sonia crew because he is too slow and such a large fire magnet. Ortegas help speed him up making him a more viable option.

I so rarely find a use for rapid fire for him because he can kill a lot with one shot; only time I ever used it was when I was shooting a master so I could turnout my opponent's ss pool. Killed him on first shot, oops.

Playing against I have found him to be a minor nuisance. I can route my stuff out of range or los, or just lock him up in combat, his speed and range is not enough to feel threatened by. Once he closes the distance he is scary.

Since ricochet is cheatable it does make it an awesome ability. Cat took out my lelu while he was behind cover, that was the first time I have ever been hit by Samuel in many games against him and it hurt.

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