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Anyone willing to demo Malifaux for group just south of Atlanta?


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Some buddies of mine noticed the catalog for malifaux in our local comics shop here in Newnan, and seeing how Warcraft miniatures has died we were looking for a new option that doesn't have the same cost issues as something like 40k. I was just wondering if someone would be willing to demo the game for us on the weekend sometime?

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Oh heck to the yes!!! I would be more than happy to let y'all throw some pewter at each other. I frequent a shop in Buford called Phoenix Games. We can arrange to meet there, or get me the directions to your local shop and I will do my darndest to get down there. Reply here or shoot me a PM! Or both if you are interested.

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Hey Spoon! Thanks for the response. The address for Heroes is 218-A BULLSBORO Dr. here in Newnan, GA. We usually play miniatures from about 1130 am to 100 for Warcraft (2 of us) and then I head out and 2-3 ppl play DnD miniatures. Probably an ideal time would be about 1230 or so on a Saturday and I could let my friends know as well. Just let me know if something like that works for you because we'd have to alter some of our playtimes just a little bit.

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