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Hordes: Circle Orboros


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Hi there! I need money to be able to buy Malifaux and cover some bills so I'm selling most of my Hordes: Circle Orboros army. You can view everything here.

The price listed $250 is cheaper than P.P. pricing $500. I'll have enough to cover Malifaux and my bills. I will however, consider reasonable offers.

Here's the basic information of what's included in the listing:


1- 12Ft Task Force Fractional Tape Measure

- Stat Cards for each of the miniatures listed are included.


1- Morvhanna the Autumblade (Like New)

1- Kromac the Ravenous (Beast and Human form but Human form has no base) (Like New)

1- Baldur the Stonecleaver ( Like New)

1- Kaya the Wildborne (Like New)

1- Megalith (Like New)

1- Woldwyrd (Like New)

1- Wolf Lord Morriag (Mounted and Off Mount - Both Like New)

1- Wolves of Orboros Officer and Totem Bearer (Used)

2- Argus (Like New)

3- Shifting Stones (Like New)

3- Tharn Wolf Riders (Used)

10- Wolves of Orboros (Used)

- All pieces are fully primed black with P3 Formula Primer EXCEPT the Wolves of Orboros.

- Mounted Wolf Lord Morriag, 2 Argus, and the 3 Shifiting Stones are FULLY PAINTED by me.

EBay item number: 290559503508


Barby :bigthumb:

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