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My first Malifaux model - Leveticus :)


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My first post on these forums and I thought I'd show my Leveticus so far - I started on him today and haven't finished blending him yet, but have gone for a directional lighting source :)


Also I thought I'd share a link - as part of my painting research I like to work out what the appropriate palette of colours are for the painting and as Malifaux is Victorian/Wild West/Steampunk like this site was a gold mine for designs and colour schemes:


Edit: sorry about the darkness of the picture - taken just now at night, will get one during the day.


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@Spoon - thanks. Yes earthen tones was my plan, I just don't see him in bright colours :)

I'm going to go for a related palette for Alyce. Though or the SPAs I think I want to use more blue to add a colder touch.

I have to say the forum here is great - there are some brilliant pieces of painting on show - has given me lots of inspiration :)

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I have now completed (aside from basing) the Steampunk Abominations for Leveticus. I can highly recommend using Wet Effect or similar to get the requisite glistening effect on the entrails, tongues and other "icky" bits:



Next up Hollow Waifs, Rusty Alyce and Desolation Engine

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