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[Abington MA] Malifaux Merry Christmas Tournament - December 18th, 2010


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Battleground Games & Hobbies - Abington MA

Format: Singles (1v1) 30 Soul Stones per person

Date: December 18th, 2010 a Saturday

Time: Please be here no later than 10:00am. Set up at 10:30. Cards flip no later than 11:00am.

Entrance Fee: $15.00 per person


1501 Bedford Street

Abington MA 02351


Google Maps:



The event will be capped at 20 players. Please contact me at ChaseLaq@gmail.com or call the store to sign up if and only if you can commit to playing on December 18th.

Pre-registration is highly encouraged.


Rule Books:

The Malifaux Core Rulebook and the Malifaux Expansion Rule Book, Rising Powers (and all published errata) will be the definitive guide to all rulings.

The following is a list of legal army choices:

The Guild

The Arcanists

The Resurrectionists

The Neverborn

The Outcasts


1. Each player must bring an army consisting of 30 Soul Stones or fewer, in accordance

with the rules presented in the Rulebooks.

2. All models must follow “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG).

3. If illegal units or other rules violations are found in a player’s army list, at a minimum,

the models in violation will be removed from all subsequent play. In addition,

victory points may be deducted and/or award eligibility may be forfeited. If in doubt,

please ask for clarification in advance from a Battleground Tournament Organizer.

The scenarios we will be using for the event can be found here: http://wyrd-games.net/Ezine/storyencounters/ChristmasStoryEncounters09.pdf


• Competitors will participate in three (3) games over the course of the day. In each game, you

will play a scenario and record the outcome of the battle on your results sheet. Each round you

will play a different opponent. Each round will last 1.5 hours.

• In the first round, players will be matched up randomly. After the first round, players will be

matched up according to current rankings in the tournament (e.g., the player in first place will

play the player in second place and so on). We will try our best not to pair teams that come to the event together in the first round. If a team receives a BYE they will be awarded the average of the winning teams points for the round.

• You will not play the same team twice.

• The pairings for each round will be announced as soon as they are determined. Please be sure to

arrive at your table ready to play right away. We ask that each player be conscious of the

time and that you play at a regular and steady pace to complete the game. Anyone found slow

playing or deliberately stalling for any reason will be penalized.

• Each game will be played on a 3' x 3' board.

• We will be using the Standard deployment method unless the scenario calls for different.

• Players will receive Results Sheets at the beginning of each round. Each results sheet must be

filled in properly to ensure that match-ups and point totals are correct. Once Results Sheets are

completed they are to be turned in at the counter so the scores can be entered into the


• The winner of each game will receive 1 Tournament Point. The loser of each game will receive 0 Tournament Points. The number of Victory Points scored by each player will also be recorded and will be used to break any ties. In the event that players are tied for Tournament Points and Victory Points the strength of the players schedule will be determined and used to break the final tie.


The time limit for each game is 1.5 hours. At the end of this time limit, the round will be called; all players will need to finish their game immediately, and no additional time will be provided.

What You Need to Bring with You:

-Your (hopefully painted) miniatures

-At least two copies of your army list

-Rulebooks and any additional books you need

-Pen and paper

-A deck of cards or Malifaux Deck

-Tape measure

-A 50mm "template"

-Appropriate counters and bases for those counters

-Something to transport your army from table to table

Here is a link to the counters for this specific event: http://tabletopgeeks.com/wp-content/downloads/malifaux/misc/Malifaux_Story_Counters_Ratty.pdf

Store Credit Awards will be given out to:

Store credit is good for any product in the store and all subsequent events. It never expires and will be saved for you.

Best General

Second Best Overall Team

Third Best Overall Team (only awarded if the turnout is large)

Best Painted

Please email me with any questions.



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