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Frederick Malifaux League (111/14 - 12/19)


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I know I'm late getting this posted here, but better late than never, right?

The league is going to be hosted by the Frederick All-Inclusive League of Gamers. Final registration for the league will be at 12:30, this Sunday at the Hobbytown in Frederick (http://www.htufrederickmd.com). As this will be in Frederick, games may be played at Hobbytown. If I am not present when the games are being played, please email me your results.

  1. Players will have to choose a faction to play at the start of the league. Crews will be built after the game size and Strategies have been determined, as per the book. Some of you might only have a single Master and a limited selection of models so the crew might already be picked out, but the only thing that has to be declared at the start of the league is which faction you will be playing.
  2. The league will be a Scraps league. Brawls may be played if both players would like, but I am encouraging games be about 25-35 stones. Smaller games may be played if both players agree on the size, as well.
  3. We will be using a mix of the Organized Play rules and the Strategies and Schemes from Rising Powers, and I will make the relevant information available to the people in the league who may not have a copy of the book. I am planning to include a few unique Strategies and/or Schemes for the league, too.
  4. There will be assigned pairing each week that will be announced on Saturday. (Sunday for the first week's match-ups.) These games will be geared towards a story I'll be telling through the league, but players are encouraged to play as many games as they would like. The assigned games will have pre-determined Strategies. Other games will flip for locations and Strategies as usual.
  5. Victory points need to be recorded after each game. I will be putting up a way for players to record their points and see who is ranked where. This will probably score sheets and a folder to place them in after games, and I will print out weekly standings.

There will be prizes for the top scoring player, the lowest scoring player (who actively plays; can't just sit on the sidelines to win this one), and a prize for the best fully painted crew.

For more information, please PM or email me.

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