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Demo event this weekend (30th) in Lake Charles, LA


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I'll be running a demo event in the Lake Charles area this Saturday, October 30th.

Where: Paper Heroes ( Website with all relevant information about the store can be found here: http://www.paper-heroes.net/index.html )

Time: Things should begin around 12 and the event will last about 3-4 hours, depending on the turn out.

This is part of the store's big Halloween gaming event, so there will be plenty of other stuff going on besides Malifaux. If any of you live near Lake Charles, Louisiana, feel free to come by and play Malifaux or any of the other games we'll be running.

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Whew, busy day. The demo event ended up kicking off earlier, at around 11. At first I was just teaching the guys who bought starters but hadn't had a chance to play until today. Around 2 was when people completely unfamiliar with the game started coming over to see what we were doing. We ended up playing until just shy of 6. There are at least four new guys who have expressed a lot of interest in the game and may buy stuff soon, and numerous others came by to watch and ask questions. Don't know if they will buy into the game yet. In any case I'll be running another demo event on the 13th.

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