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Newb, Sonnia Criid and expanding the scope


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Hi everyone!

I'm completely new to the world of Malifaux, and I've picked up Sonnia Criid as my Master.

My group and I are just starting out, so we're just playing with the starter-boxes, but I'm already starting to think ahead a bit.

I'm on quite a tight budget, so I can't really afford to expand in any old direction, so for the next tier (from 25SS to 30 SS), I'm going to add one model to the contents of the box. I'm not adverse to removing a Witchling Stalker from the crew to leave room for more goodies though. The models that I'm looking at are the Executioner and the Convict Gunslinger, or perchance removing a Witchling to add the Peacekeeper.

The Executioner fits in the "fluff", and seems to add some much needed heavy hitting to the original crew. The Convict is fitting as well (drafting some poor unfortunate from the nearest stockade, giving him a pair of old guns, and pointing him towards the enemy!), and gives some terrific firepower. The Peacekeeper is awesome, but then I'll be missing a Witchling Stalker...

Which of those would you suggest? I like the models almost equally, but there is the consideration of cost.

I have experienced that Sonnia really needs her soulstones, so if I add the Executioner, I'll only have 7, while the Gunslinger is cheap enough to let me have all possible 8. The Peacekeeper will leave me with 8, but then I'll be missing a Witchling to "get in the way" during the early game.

If you have any suggestions other than those two (and please not Nino Ortega. I understand that he's all that and a bottle of gin, but I cannot abide his miniature :)) feel free to point me in the right direction!

Thank you in advance for your help and comments!

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I haven't used the Executioner myself, though there are some who really like him.

I have used the Gunslinger, and he's fun. Especially if you can get/hold the right cards to use Trigger Happy a lot.

My money, however, would be (and has been) on the Peacekeeper. It's expensive (both ways), and its a real tail-pain to assemble, but as Bas1 mentioned, it looks great once you get it assembled and painted. It's also an absolute beast on the board. It's fast (never forget Relentless), and can both dish out and take a lot of punishment. The low card flip problems it has I've never really had trouble with. I just dump low cards from my hand whenever one of those 'abilities' comes into play. The one downside for this model you've already mentioned--it eats ss to hire.

If you do go with the Peacekeeper, don't always expect it to clear the board for you. A lot of players will go after it with their best hitters to keep it from giving them too much trouble. This usually leaves a your models with less to worry about, so they're a lot more free to go after objectives. Of course, if your opponent doesn't hammer it, them the Peacekeeper can go after them. It's also good for grabbing objective counters (Relentless and its high Walk again), if the scenario calls for it.

BTW: Yes, I admit I'm a bit of a Peacekeeper junkie when I play my Guild crews. :D

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Thank you both for the input. I'm definitely not decided yet, but the Peacekeeper is climbing the ladder just for the model alone. I have some idea's for converting it (using some Warmachine warjack parts), and that big flat carapace is just screaming for some battledamage and free-hand painting!

But I have to look at them some more ... both models and rules.

Please, if anyone else has some input, fire away!

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