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how to deal with lilith


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Would help to know what Master your playing.

But in general, avoid melee with her at all costs if you can. Don't clump up because Black Blood and Lilith's Whirling Death will make you pay for that in spades. Watch your LOS to Lilith as she LOVES to transposition you with one of her Terror Tots and then hammer into you with herself and then a Young or Mature she Brood Mothers for Companion.

Matures and Young can charge you from accross just about any piece of terrain. Your not safe when you are close to them and her Earthquake spell can quickly shift the battle field and bring you into their range. So either commit to hitting them in melee or try to gun them down before they reach you. Often you will have to sacrafice a model to bait the Nephilim in and then hopefully put them down.

Models like the Executioner are a great choice because most Nephilim are average Df and he should be able to put one down in a single turn. Just watch out for Lilitu, she will eat the Executioner for breakfast with Irresistible to protect her and Lure to drag you in.

Lilith likes to Alpha strike, especially if she has a being Nephilim like the Mature or Nekima or the pair Lelu and Lilitu. Counter this by avoiding Lilith or her Totem, they are what starts the bit Alpha strikes.

Alpha strike the Nephilim when you get the chance. If your using the Ortega's, go Family happy and try to put down everything you can. Just remember, if you fail you have no activations left and they will chew up anything in range.

Constructs don't provide them Blood Counters! So if your playing Hoffman thats one big positive.

Nephilim are not tough, they don't have armor in most cases and their average df is average. But they have some solid healing and they only need 1 wd left to eat your face. So make sure you put down any Nephilim you start hurting, ESPECIALLY Lelu or Lilitu as they heal a staggering 4wds a turn if they want.

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