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Perdita vs the Dreamer


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Engagement Report by Perdita Ortega.

Mi familia and I were moving through the swamp in search of the Cauldron Witch. We were checking up on a rumor of a creature that appears once a year to bestow gifts and curses on those who follow ritualistic motions. Supposedly on the night of Samhain if you were to bring the Cauldron Witch a brew from one of her pots she would alter the fate of the bearer.

Upon entering the grove with the witches hovel Nino spotted a small child playing among several twisted day dream like creatures. I did not see a child but something far worse and commanded the family to advance for combat. The day dreams seemed to sprout several creatures from them, one of which was a stuffed teddy bear gone wrong. They charged into Papa Loco who disappeared in an explosion, I could not see where he went but I unloaded on the pesadilla wounding it gravely. Were it not for the twisted little creatures around it hurling their bodies into the creature to be consumed the family would have dropped it.

It was than another such bear appeared between Francisco and Santiago, without waiting for it to strike Francisco let loose with a flurry of blows with his sword. Santiago charging in with the deathblow. Nino though to strike down the day dream and stop it from spreading the nightmares only to have the largest of all nightmares appear among the family. With a single motion it’s onslaught fell Francisco, Santiago, and one of our distance cousins with his bird. Just as suddenly as the monster appeared the child thing was in his place as it stared at Nino the forest was alive with Neverborn. Soon Nino was surrounded by the twisted nightmares their taint smothering the young man try as he might they would not let him escape. My only hope was to destroy this child shape and hope that it would end this nightmare, I forced the creature out of it’s smaller form but the larger form struck me down. As I watched on helpless I saw Nino succumb. My last memories were the death marshals rushing in to fell the beast but by then it was too late, the Cauldron Witch was entreated by the Neverborn.

As sunlight grew upon the clearing I found the family alone, the Cauldron Witch’s hovel gone and the Neverborn missing. Did the young child decide he liked playing with us? Or is there more to this Cauldron Witch than we thought. All I know is that next year, I am going to lay off on all the candy, too much can give you bad dreams.

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