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Sale: Neverborn


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EDIT: Neverborn All gone now! thanks for the interest!

so, following the terrible luck i've been having and inability to get a game locally, i'm starting to sort through the miniatures i'm never gonna use.

i'll pass on the New In Box Stuff (but feel free to PM me ;) ) and stick to Malifaux here!

so, i'm selling my Zoraida set, consisting of;

Zoraida (with a sculpted Apron to cover the jubblies!)

Sculpted Voodoo Doll (sorry Mr. Saunders!)


3x Silurid

Bad Juju (undercoated)

Converted Gremlin Slave (from the Warpig)

Converted Nurse Slave (the hand was miscast so more Neverborn now :D )

all with cards and custom swamp-cork bases and not bad paint jobs if i do say so myself :)

i'm looking for £50 with free UK Postage, +£6 for international postage, paypal of cash only i'm afraid!

and a group shot for y'all :D (click for bigger!)


so, offers (hey, i'm open to negotiation!) etc via PM please :D

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