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Escalation malifaux league @ game habitat monterey ca


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Thanks to everyone that showed up and played. Those of you that could not make it do not be afraid to join us next Friday. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves. Some new Crews showed their faces and that was a lot of fun. I have attached the current standings. There are four weeks left to go and it is not too late to join and have fun. Next week it will be a Scrap with 30 Soul Stone Crews. Remember to pick a new opponent.

Malifaux Escalation League Standings.pdf

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Week 3 has seen the crews increase in size. The battles are flowing better some players are making it know who the Masters of Malifaux are. I know some people have not been able to keep up. Don't worry and don't be discouraged from playing. I would continue to encourage new players to join and have fun. I would ask the more experienced players to encourage new people to join and coach them. It would expand the league and mean more opponents to play with. Here are the current standings I will post some pics as well.

Malifaux Escalation League Standings_August6.pdf

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Week 4 the brawls. More minis on the table and more fun. Some players were able to unleash some powers and triggers that they were not able to in smaller games. This will be our last week to get league games as the league will end on August the 21st. Will Dave hold on to his lead or will some of the other players get more games in to make up the difference? We will see.

Malifaux Escalation League Standings_August13.pdf

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The league concluded. Dave remainded undefeated by less than an inch. He is the Master of Malifaux at Game Habitat. Any challengers in the area will know where to find him. The final standing are attached. I hope you guys enjoyed the league and enjoyed developing your crews. See you on the next one.

Have a good one.

Malifaux Escalation League Standings_August20.pdf

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