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sonnia for starters


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after reading that levi is a bad choise for first master i thought about starting with a sonnia crew instead.

so yea I guess i'll ask the same question as i did with levi ( I plan to buy the book at the same time as the crew)

what does she do and what is the best way to exspand the crew right now im thinking bout either Jack Daw or scales of justice mainly because the models a awesome

thanks in advance

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Sonnia is perfectly usable for a beginner . She is primarily a casting master but samuel who comes with her starter set can really bring the pain from his combat abilities.

Not sure how Jack Daw would play with her as I haven't used him.

The Scales of Justice on the other hand would not be a good buy with Sonnia as it is Lady Justice's totem. The Governor's Proxy or the purifying flame are totems that could be used by Sonnia.

As for expanding it with other models, you can't go too far wrong. Lots of lovely guild models like :

Guild Guard




All of which should be off assistance. The Outcasts also have a great selection of Mercenaries.

Would generally recommend playing a few games just with the starter - I still enjoy 25 pt games even though I have a larger selection of mini's - and after that just see what mini's you like and the direction you want to head in.

OR of course you could just jump in with Levi. He would be tricky, but you learn as you play right? :bounce:

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