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July.NBR - Cold Hard Cash Dash!

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Perdita shivered. The start of July and she had only just managed to scrape together a crew to go Treasure Hunting.

On top of the motley band of misfits, the ice creeping across the windows of the nearby buildings and the Ancient Monument nearby did not bode well.


"'member folks. we can't let anyone.. or anything get by us! We go in, grab the gear and shift on back!" she glanced meaningfully at O'Bannon.

The convict gunfighter snorted and stomped off. Donna, the hired Ronin shrugged and readied her sword.

The Witchling 0-1B-Z gave no signal as to if it had understood the instruction or if it was even awake, but of the three of them, Perdita knew it was the only one she could rely on to fight for her.


Shaking her head, she concentrated on the task in hand. All this unnatural weather meant the Ice Witch must be stalking out the same treasure horde


"O'Bannon! Head 'em off on the outside!" Perdita ordered the Convict.

Spitting on the floor, he had little choice but to Obey the cowgirl, muttering and cursing under his breath.


Donna, having spotted movement in the distance dashed off to the next corner, Perdita and the Witchling following close behind.


There was a sharp taste of tin in the air and snow crept across the cobbles, surrounding the Monument in the square.

With a creaking noise, pillars of ice forced themselves upwards, an ice spirit manifesting to grab a heavy chest and shuffle back towards the source of the snow.


as a second ice spirit appeared, pulling itself from the ice to grab the second chest, O'Bannon grinned and raised his pistols, peppering the Gamin in a shower of bullets.

His maniacal laughter was almost drowned out by the mass fire power and the tortured shriek from the ice creature as it shattered leaving only a fine shower of ice to coat the chest.


"pure lunacy" Perdita sighed, bracing herself for a manic sprint toward the chest, scooping it up and rushing it back into the cover of the building.


with an unnerving clicking noise, the Witchling pushed past her, raising its pistol to blow a chunk from a distant spirit.


In response, the Gamin seemed to harden; its skin condensing and the temperature dropped further.

As Perditas' teeth started to chatter, a bolt of cursed magics hit the Witching, its anti-magic field dampening the blow from Decembers Curse.


Perdita spat the coppery taste out of her mouth she watched in horror as the blood froze before it hit the floor.


Before she could scream, the curse hit again, first freezing the Witchling and then Perdita was covered in snow and ice as the minion exploded, throwing her against the wall.


Oblivious to this, Donna charged toward the rock solid spirit, her Daisho carving great chunks from the creature


seeing the magical power gathering, she deftly dove back behind the building away from the creeping snow


as she watched, further Ice Pillars creaked out of the snow blocking her route toward the source of all this magic; the Witch witch and her magical essence


Donna darted back toward where the snow was thinnest, grabbing the heavy chest as she passed.


she ducked into cover, joined by O'Bannon, still firing wildly at the approaching Ice Pillars

"Where's the Boss?" Donna shouted over the continual gunshots

"Like i care? lets' scarper!" was the response...

End Game

Gavs Guild: 8VP vs 4VP :Whispers Arcanists

Guild: Treasure Hunt, Hold Out, Raid!

Arcanists: Treasure Hunt, Sabotage, Stake A Claim (Barrels)

Terrain Feature: Ancient Monument (Teddy)

Note: The misc. minis surrounding the Monument-Teddy are Ice Pillars... we need to get *loads* made up :(

So, this was a 15SS game, mainly to try some Escalation / Campaign rules Whisper and I have come up with for our local games group.

While the details will appear in its own thread soon enough, we converted VP = SS, except for Masters, wounds carry in between games (but 1SS can be spent for a healing flip after the game - the injured Gamin only healed 1Wd :( ) and you flip for casualties; on your Faction Suit, the miniature survives. anything else and they're dead. Both the Witchling and the Gamin died of their wounds.

i quite like the Ronin; despite their cuddle i think they still have the opportunity to be a good offensive unit.

Also, Rasputinas' Decembers Curse, buffed with an Essence, is obscene! 3 casts too :(

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