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26. June - Hannover, Germany - Malifaux Demo


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26. June

Starting 11:00 Ending 18:00

Hannover, Germany

Fantasy-In Gaming Arena / Fantasy-In

No Limit

Hi there,

I have been asked by one of the workers at my local gamestore if I cpould spend some time in running a demo fpr Malifaux. I build a 4'x4' large board, including some woods, a river, some houses,a road and so one in the past to promote the game, but that didn't went well. The terrain is still only used by two people, me and a buddy of mine who helped me with the board and is the only other person in my area playing Malifaux. I thought that good painted miniatures and a good looking board would be enough to draw interest, but well. So here we are, back at the beginning of the post. I am supposed to run said demo, and I want to run as many as possible. When I only offer a normal game it would have several problems:

1. A game, even Scrap is rather long. Which reduces the numbers of players who can actually play a round

2. The game itself is very complex for beginners, the whole trigger/special rules thing can be too much for players who are new to the game

3. There are rule bending models, Seamus Starter Crew for example can move at a whole instead of moving only one miniature at a time.

So here are my questions to the experienced henchmen around the world:

1. What is the best format to introduce playerrs to the game?

2. Which rules can be left out if you want to speed it up?

3. Which crews are recommended for the demo? I have two fully painted, Nicodem and Lady J. But I schould be able to paint another crew or two (Rasputina, Bajou Gobs or Seamus are available at home but unpainted)

4. Which items should I ask my hobby store to bring to the demo? I know that it is not possible for him to get the whole of the items (demo is not in the store where they sell miniatures, it is in a secondary shop, and there's only card games for sale). I am thinking of a couple of starters and some rulebooks. What's the general opinion?

Cheers, Largo

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