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League at Crossroad Games, Standish ME


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At Crossroad Games in Standish Maine.

Starting Tuesday June 29th and running for three weeks I will be putting together an Independence Day themed Malifaux League. Each week a specific story encounter will be available for play. Match ups for the week will be posted Tuesday at 2pm and games can be played until 7pm that day.

The match sizes will grow over the course of the event. Masters will remain the same for each player for all three weeks. Each week players will be able to score two games of Malifaux toward league standing 1 special story encounter with matched pairings, and one free play game. The free play game can be “made up over the week” if the story encounter runs long. Both games will use the same soul stone amount.

Week 1: June 29, 25 Soul Stone Crews.

Week 2: July 6th, 30 Soul Stone Crews.

Week 3: July 13th, 35 Soul Stone Crews.

Scoring will be 3VP for a win, 2VP for a Tie, 1 VP for a loss, and 2 VP for having a fully painted crew my leagues end. The league winner will be the one with the most VP at the end of the second game of week 3. Ties will be split using combined game scores for all 6 games.

So come one come all and try out some quick and quirky Malifaux games in an organized fashion.

More information and sign up can be found here.

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