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Decent starting list (Raspy 25ss)


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Depending on how you play your games, you're going to have a serious problem with strategies like Reconnoiter or Claim Jump that depend on number of models. You've only got 4 usable models.

I'd look at dropping either Joss or the Cerberus for a few Gamin. They help 'tina's flexibility, and will give you a few more models to spread out with.

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I would recommend taking Joss over the Ice Golem in games that don't require a quicker unit that can output a good amount of damage quickly. Otherwise take the Ice Golem when you need to slow down the enemy units with a good Ranged Strike Attack with Blast Damage that can also Slow them.

I would recommend against the Cerberus as he is very fragile, and after losing 4 Wd, he loses Three-Headed which is one of his most valuable abilities. Two Ice Gamins or One Ice Gamin with an extra 4 soul stones for Rasputina to lay down the hurt or protect herself will be good also.

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