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Malifaux Resurrectionists

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Well I finally got my Red Chappel gang through and started work straight away on Seamus. Now you wil see I have done nothing to the bases and that is because my inserts have not yet arived.

This log will be al about the ressurs. As I plan to collect the whole range of them





My images are too large to be inserted here. So hopefully this works!

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Please excuse all the Blu Tac. Its holding them down til my inserts arrive!





To follow in the next couple of days are the Grave Spirit totem and the Vulture Totem.

I have also put a bigish order in for some new models. Which are

McMourning`s Crew

Bette Noir

Canine Remains packs`s I & II

Necro punks

The Hanged.

Which leaves me only needing to buy Nicodems crew, mindless zombie`s and crooked men for the Resurrection faction. Once these are complete I will be moving onto another faction, though i`m not sure which one as of yet

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