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What ideas do you have for a miniature?

Anybody remember the song the streak?



It features banjo music and that gave me the idea for a streaking gremlin called boogity boogity that has high movement and causes low level terrify in models within line of sight.

He would feature spells like, dont look ethal and moon.

Sorry if a similiar thread exists i could not find it if it does exsist.

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But honestly, when I first saw teh Gremlins, I couldn't stop thinking about two abilities:

Play Banjo: Paralyze every living, male unit in 6"

You Got A Purdy Mouth: Every male unit in 12" can do nothing but move directly away from this model until they are at least 12" away. Any male model ending its activation within 4" of this model takes 4 damage, ignoring armor.

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