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Seamus Vs Ramos 30ss (learning match)


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both me and a friend of mine just got into malifaux so we were trying to just practice and get a better grip on the rules wile testing out some lists



2 belles







3 spiders

brass arachnid

no strategy no schemes just learning winner goes to who murders whose opponent the best

the terrain was set up with boxes we had laying around it kind of looked like and alleyway surrounded by tight buildings we both set up hiding behind cover

turn 1 i win initiative but want to see what he does so I let him go first

-ramos links in with alyce, then salvaged under fire, and arcing screened

+next is alyce she moves and doesn’t do much

+-brass arachnid goes next stokes Ramos and moves

+-ramos reactivates salvages again links in wiht joss and moves

+-joss goes and moves from behind one building/box to another

-I go wow that was allot of nothing I companion activate 2 belles with sybelle 1st belle moves and tries to undress for joss but fails

+-second belle moves twice down the alleyway

+-sybelle tries to shriek at joss but again the cards are not for me

-he moves his first spider into the ally forgetting that seamus still has to go

-seamus kills the spider

-other two spiders move into position in the ally

turn 2 he wins initiative and goes first

-ramos goes first makes a new spider moves arcing screens and electrical fires at my belle doing max damage

+-brass arachnid goes moves in front of ramos and tries to stoke him but fails

-I move seamus forward womanize sybelle miss a spider with the .50 then use undead psychosis on joss and a spider

+-sybelle tries to shriek at a spider but only does 1 damage

+-my belle who hung back fails to undress again... what kind of whore is she

-alyce moves out and tries to his seamus but fails

-move my last belle forward and swing at a spider for no damage

-his spiders form the swarm and he slaughters my bell but with her slow to die action out comes killjoy in melee with most of his army (he forgot about killjoy) the swarm then runs up a building

-killjoy cripples alyce but fails to kill her

-joss runs away cause on undead psychosis

turn 3 he wins initiative and goes first again

-ramos just backs away and arcing screens to stay alive

+-brass aracnid follows him and fails to stoke

+-joss charges killjoy does some damage then force fields up with 4 charge counters

-Killjoy eats alyce and fails to damage joss with 2 more attacks

-the swarm moves between ramos and killjoy and scratches killjoy abit (i got great defensive flips)

-my remaining belle lures killjoy out of combat (i have a plan)

-sybelle makes joss crave punishment and fails to shriek

-seamus shoots joss to a wound and backs up as killjoy may come running my way next turn

turn 4 I win initiative and (gosh) go first

Killjoy activates wile joss is still the closest move towards him an cleavers him then kills the swarm by getting onslaught to go off

we call it game I guess I won but again it was just to learn

Lessons learned

-Killjoy is... just.... WOW

-don't forget about killjoy

-electrical creations could have made a difference

-bells take awhile to die maybe use necropunks for killjoy

-going first isn't always the best

-remember to tap cards to keep track of who needs to go

questions raised

-how does using spells into combat work is it like shooting into combat?

-how does reactivation work with companion can ramos activate make brass arachnid activate then reactivate all on the same activation?

-how much terrain is usual

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1. Spells in combat only work like shooting into combat if they have the :ranged icon. Otherwise you can still pick your target, or even use the spell while the caster is involved in a melee.

2. With Reactivation, Ramos can get a 2nd activation, but the Brass Arachnid can only act again if only if he also is under the affect of Reactivate. Companion does not give an additional activation, it only allows the companions to activate simultaneously.

3. On page 91, they give you a suggestion for the amount of terrain. On a 3x3 field, approximately 2-4 pieces of area terrain (about 3"x3" pieces).

Eat Your Fill is pretty nasty. Wait until you face the Executioner!

Glad you all enjoyed the game. With experience, you will both pick up all kind of nasty tricks with your crews. The forums are filled with all kinds of tricks if you want a quick leg up.

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No, the question about Reactivation is this:

If I activate Ramos, then The Spider, and use the Spider to Reactivate Ramos, can Ramos activate immediately after the spider?

For example, is the activation order like this:




Other units in the battle

Or like this:



Other units in the battle

Ramos again

So far, we've been playing it Ramos-Spider-Ramos, based on the swarm companion trick (That is, splitting a swarm with companion apart gives each individual spider an immediate activation, and swarming spiders with at least one companion effect together gives the Swarm an immediate activation), but if the ruling is otherwise, I'd love to know.

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