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Sliver Chocobo

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I thought i might have a go at some fan fiction

Selena walked down the empty street of Malifaux, she loved the city, the smells, the sights and the atmosphere was magnificent. She danced in the moon light, the light shimmered off her pale white mask :masks, and her long black nails cut through the brick walls like butter. Her soulstone green fangs shone in the darkness. She blew a kiss toward the moon and wave at it.

"Someone’s a naughty girl" Selena called out to the moon

"but isn't that how we like her, my dear" said a gentleman dressed in purple complete with cane and tall top hat, his arms wrapped around two different women, one was rotten, her jaw was hanging lose and it was a wonder how she was still standing up her a dress stained blood red the other in comparison was almost living, only her unnaturally pale face gave her away, but Selena knew different, for they shared the same black blood.

"You’re late Seamus"

"Forgive me my dear" Seamus bowed down Selena tipping his hat to her; inside was a tiny copy of Seamus waving a gun angrily, Seamus quickly replaced his hat back on to his head.

"I'm sorry he means you no harm"

"Well Lets get down to business, Seamus" A wicked grin crossed Seamus's face.

"Time to make a deal with the Devil I think"

"No, just a Vampire" replayed Selena Nosferatu ran her fingers ran through her long black hair and a pair of black wings reached out in to the night sky.

To be continued

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