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Malifaux in Kamloops!


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Following up my demo in Prince George, I will be doing a Malifaux game day in Kamloops, BC.

It's going to be a "Welcome to the World of Malifaux" day, at High Octane Comics and Collectibles in Kamloops, BC, Canada. The address is:

High Octane

250 3rd Avenue

Kamloops, BC

The demo will be from 12pm until 4pm (or longer, if there's enough interest), and will include an overview of the Malifaux world, the game and its mechanics, and the fabulous models. I hope to see some of you there!

-Vilegrimm/Kevin M.

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So yesterday's demo in Kamloops went well; I had probably a dozen people come buy to check out the game (including the owner), and a couple people tried their hands at it. Lots of "so how much for a Crew?" questions were followed by "Really? That's it to start?" which is good news for Malifaux, as a fair few of the people in the area are looking for smaller model count games to try.

Thanks again to High Octane for hosting me, and someday when I'm back I hope to take part in a Tourney or something!


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