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Battlereport de Outcast vs Neverborn...


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Neverborn vs Outcast(25 points)

Somewhere on a guild owned building a skinny man, whose teeth resembled burnt timbers more than pearly white, talked to an officer.

I was on a tabern on the edge of town and overheard Lilith "Master of the Neverborne" having a conversation with an unlikely underworld master... a doctor with strange nurses huddling behind him...

"Damn mercenaries and their unsavory friends... A summoned a demon gave me the coordinates of a Necromantic text lost in a abandoned outpost near Malifaux. I left with Rage my trusty Nephylim... Like always we were followed by three little creatures, but I am always available for my little babies...

The demoness paused to order a drink.

"... Of course we found the place quickly.... I ran to the treasure, feeling the cold vibes that emanated from the tome. The moment I had my delicate hands around the text..."

Lilith quaffed in one gulp, a shot of dragon blood.

"Victoria and one of the ugly sisters arrived... one of them appeared almost in front of me, and attacked!!! The #$@^ had the audacity to attack me! Luck was in my side since I had a good cache of soulstones and blocked her damage magically. She was able to withstand my ripostealso, but ended up under the claws of Rage

I passed the treasure to another of my babies while the trusty beast helped me dispatch of the rest of the meandering mercs. Bishop ended the life of one of my lovelies... yet paid with his blood, which satiated the thirst from the little one. One moment he was a baby, the next one he was a teen..."

"They grow so fast..."

A sly smile appeared in the face of the master, while she had another shot of something slimy...

"The fight did not last to long after that... Rage got wounded, but in the end another of the filthy whorish Victorias fell to my blade... its always nice to drink the life out of your enemies..."

Spitting on the floor, Lilith turned to face me on the corner.

"And you can tell you greedy masters that I have the book. They can send more of the sisters if they want. I need new blood to feed my babies."

"I came as fast as I could to report the sultry wom..."

Thunder reverberated through the small room as a hole, the size of a small coin, appeared on the forehead of the snitch, while a flower of red blossomed in the wall behind...

A tall sexy woman stood in the corner with a smoking gun in her hands.

Silvery velvet voice seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere

"I will take care of her..."

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