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11-22-09 Garden City MI, Pandemonium's Inaugural Malifaux Tournament

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I just wanted to pipe in and say thanks to everybody who came to this tournament. There were quite a few unforseen logistical problems to deal with but I can't say enough how much I appreciated everybody's patience with turn around time on the rounds. I have run tournaments for so many games, so I felt pretty confident coming into this that I could handle it with no trouble, but as they've said, there are always teething problems with new games and attempting to put them in a competitive atmosphere.

There were no complaints about opponents, everybody took everything in stride and treated each other in a helpful manner which is what I hoped for. Thank you to Kyle... (is it pronounced Kyle or... KYLEE? perhaps?) who's name I probably butchered all day. The cookies you baked and shared with everybody were awesome and a welcome treat!

I learned tons about what worked for the format and what really didn't. I swear, I honestly thought making the last round Slaughter for both players would simplify things... but under review, not exactly the best idea, but with a round to go at 7:30pm.... at least everyone knew my heart was in the right place.

Congrats to my top 4 and I am kinda geeked that someone running Seamus took the prize. Thank you again (waffling I know) to all who attended. We hope to offer another event in the future, but for now, I am focusing on setting up a campaign starting in January.

Here were my final standings.

1st: Jacob Davis (Ressurectionist)

2nd: Chris Schmidt (Guild)

3rd: Jeremy Murray (Neverborn)

4th: Guillermo Hernandez (Ressurectionist)

5th: Russel Charles (Neverborn)

6th: Dustin Smith (Outcasts)

7th: Brian Ellsworth (Guild)

8th: Chuck Tornow (Arcanists)

9th: Jason Lucas (Arcanists)

10th: Gordon Carpenter (Arcanists)

11th: Robert Fuller (Arcanists)

12th: Matt Glotfelty (Guild)

13th: Josh Powers (Resurrectionist)

14th: Luke Bowsher (Guild)

15th: Dave Bowen (Neverborn)

16th: John Heaps (Guild)

17th: Kyle Priddy (Arcanists)

18th: Michael Benoit (Guild)

19th: Chuck Elswick (Guild)

20th: Mike Bowsher (Arcanists)

21st: Bill McAllister (Neverborn)

22nd: Greg Ellsworth (Arcanists)

23rd: Matt Sibley (Arcanists)

24th: Nathan Sawyer (Arcanists)

25th: John Hunter (Outcasts) SEE I told you, you weren't in Last place!

26th: Jeff Ekonen (Guild) who probably doesn't like me as much for that last comment, but I know you still had fun man.

I took multiple pictures and will be posting them soon.

I had a great time running the event guys, thanks for making it a success!

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Along with the above I would love to see a few battle reports posted for the event (wish I could remember more from my third game then loosing three piglets to a Papa Loco "Boom" and vaporizing Perdita with a "Dumb luck" Boomer shot).

OOOOOOO! Good Idea!

I will tell him to write one up, I was nearly beside myself listening to him talk about that round, "Where I discovered that Perdita was pretty damn amazing... as long as a goblin doesn't shoot her in the face with a BAZOOOKA!!!"

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I did a quick writeup over in the battle reports forum.

@DasWeave, you did a great job. We all appreciate the work you did for us, and the prize support were phenominal for a free event. Hell...the 1st place was HUGE for a $10 event IMO. It is now in a case on my shelf, and I am geeked as well that I won with Saemus. Just like a trophy.

@OmenBringer, yeh, I could tell it was you being tired. Especially with the little ones wanting to see daddy, haha. It was all fun, and I was scared shitless seeing how fast those pigs flew in at me. If it weren't for Mali being the polar opposite of standard Zombie theme and making them harder then hell to die...I woulda been a gonner! Home to throw down again with ya.

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