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GW Ogre Kingdoms army (plus extras!)


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It's that time again, where I need to cull my miniature collection....

I offered this same deal once before, but the buyer backed out, so here it is again.

More things for sale, as this includes the now not sold Boxed Ogre Kingdoms Army, here is what it includes:

1 Ogre Kingdoms Army Book

3 Metal Yhetees

8 Metal Gnoblar "Trappers"

1 metal Tyrant (he holds a handgun in one hand and a spike fist in the other) NO HEAD

1 Ogre Hunter Plus his two Sabretooth Cats (all metal!)

Around 20 or so Gnoblars, most still on the plastic sprue, just 2 or so loose.

8 Ogre Plastic BULLS...assembled, on base (not painted)

4 IRON GUT Plastics Ogres with two handed weapons...assembled

Bunches of the square bases (20mm and 40mm)

(note both the Bulls and the Ogres are loose, a few things are not attached)

NONE of these things are in boxes, as when I bought it originally off EBAY, the guy unpacked it all to save shipping. The metal figs and bits are in the plastic containers, the rest are loose.


I'm throwing in a SLAVE GIANT

It's this fella


This is just an EXAMPLE of the actual mini. The Slave Giant I have is the same model, assembled, but unpainted. The head is the TOPKNOTTED one, not this one (i cannot find the other) and he is carrying an improvised club with a gravestone. I also have the little cowering man, a knapsack, the bundled up hobbit, and a dead sheep that go with him. If I can find the 2nd head (like the one shown in the pic above) I'll most certainly include it. But, no promises, and you're better off thinking you aren't getting it.

I'm also throwing in a Warhammer Novel, called WILD KINGDOMS by Robert Earl. It deals with the Ogre Kingdoms, and its great fluff.

BUT WAIT...theres MORE!!

I'm also throwing in 7 METAL DRAGONRUNE Ogres (I believe these are all sculpted by the talented Felix Paniagua before he founded Avatars of War)

The are fantastically cool Ogres, closer in style to the Citadel Ogres (highly sought after).



Size wize, they fit in very nicely with GW's stuff, but they are a bit squatter, and a bit uglier. All seven you see above are included, none assembled. I paid 50 bucks for them (they now sell for 60 bucks).

ALL of this could be yours for the incredible low price of $125 dollars.

Please note though, that I will ship to anywhere, but will expect that you pay for shipping. International shipping from the US is about 50 dollars.

I'll gladly take photos of everything if needed.

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