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IndyStorm: 50ss Masters Event- Feb. 1, 2019 in Indianapolis, IN


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Looking for a fun-filled winter weekend of Malifaux events located at the Crossroads of America? Then look no further than Indy Storm! We will be running a whole weekend of Malifaux events at Indianapolis' first dedicated miniature gaming convention. There will be prizes, there will be glory, there will be bad things!  Register today at https://www.indystorm.net/

50ss Masters Event:

Maximum Players: 16
Start Time: 9am Saturday Feb. 1, 2019
Where:  Wyndham Indianapolis (2544 Executive Dr. Indianapolis, IN 46241)

Format: 50 Soul Stones
TO: Robert Singer

Additional Information:
This will be a three round, 50ss, Malifaux 3E tournament utilizing Gaining Grounds. If there is a Season 1 of Gaining Grounds available in enough time for the event (end January), the tournament will use those rules, including strategies and schemes. If there is not one available in advance of the tournament, we will be utilizing the Gaining Grounds Season 0 rules from Wyrd. More info TBA, including encounter pools and game variants (if any). 

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