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IndyStorm: All Out Brawl Tournament- Jan. 31 in Indianapolis, IN


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Looking for a fun-filled winter weekend of Malifaux events located at the Crossroads of America? Then look no further than Indy Storm! We will be running a whole weekend of Malifaux events at Indianapolis' first dedicated miniature gaming convention. There will be prizes, there will be glory, there will be bad things!  Register today at https://www.indystorm.net/

All Out Brawl:

Price $5
Max Players: 16
Start Time: 7PM Friday January 31

Where:  Wyndham Indianapolis (2544 Executive Dr. Indianapolis, IN 46241)

Format: 1 Enforcer, 1 Upgrade
TO: Robert Singer
Rounds: 3

The All Out Brawl is an arena deathmatch where players take their favorite Enforcers and wreak as much mayhem
as possible! This is a great format to use if you have spent all day playing competitively and your group is looking
for something more laid back for the evening. It is also a great way to spend an afternoon if you want something
different. This format is best played with between 4 and 8 participants; if your group has more people than this, you
may want to consider breaking up into multiple All Out Brawls which are played simultaneously.

All Out Brawl is a game mode for 4-8 players and differs from standard Malifaux in the following ways:
• Players may choose any one non-Master, non-Henchman with Cost 10 or less as their Leader. No other models are hired.
• Players may deploy their model anywhere not within 6" of another model (in a random order).
• Leaders have an Action limit of 2 instead of 3.
• Players have a maximum hand size of 3.
• Models cannot be Buried. If a model would be Buried, it instead suffers 2 irreducible damage.
• Each player flips for Initiative. When determining Initiative, the player with the highest Initiative is first, then the second highest, and so on. When Activating, play proceeds in this same order.
• When a player would Activate a model, if they have no models in play, they may summon their Leader within 6" of a random table edge. Their Leader then gains Slow.
• Models cannot be Summoned from any effect other than the above effect, if a model would be Summoned, the Summon effect is ignored.
• Instead of using Schemes and Strategies, players may gain/lose VP in any of the following ways:
- After a model is killed, the Crew controlling the model that killed it gains 2 VP.
- At the end of a model's Activation, its controller gains 1 VP for each model damaged during that Activation.
- During the End Phase, a Crew gains 1 VP if it has any models within 6" of the Centerpoint.

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