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Drunken Monkey

[Switzerland][Bern] Welcome M3E League 6th May to 29th of June

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M3E is coming!


It is the perfect time to get familiar with the new rules. So we're starting a league!

The league will start on Monday 6th May and will run over 8 weeks. So we'll finish just when the first wave of the new M3E products will be available.


There will be 4 rounds; each lasts for 2 weeks. Each player should play one game per round in the House of Cards. Please make sure to get in touch with me or Isa from the store in advance for table reservations.


To make it even a little more interesting there will be something to win: The first place will get a Crew Box of their choice for free and there will be more prizes, depending on the number of participants.

Therefore there will be a small registration fee of 5.- sFr. per person.

We try to hand out something small for everyone 😉


We have a couple of players with some experience with the M3E already. For an easy start I recommend to have your first game with one of them. Of course there is always the possibility to play against my Bayou inhabitants 😉


The achievements and a spreadsheet with the current points of all participants will be online as a google sheet for everyone. The explanations to the spreadsheet are currently only in german online.

If you would like to get an English version, write me a PM.

I will post the links to the corresponding documents later this week.

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