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Canada, ON, Sudbury: Malifaux Story League


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Farewell to 2nd ed: Story Encounter League

This league will be our farewell to 2nd edition event and begin the week of Monday, March 4th and end Sunday April 28th.
It will be 4 rounds, each round lasting 2 weeks in hopes to avoid the scheduling conflicts.
Entry fee will be 2$ as there is no official prize support this time round (sorry). I spoke with Doug (Games Nook) and he has offered to give us store credit or something above the $ collected for store credit prize.

Participants will be assigned one opponent each round of the league and they will be responsible to schedule their game with their assigned opponent during that round to be played at the Games Nook (1855 Lasalle Blvd) or Great Canadian Games & Hobbies (
1410 Lasalle Blvd), terrain wont be as setting appropriate at GCGH unless you bring your own.

The WINNER will report results (VP score) to myself via email or Private Message.
If the players aren’t able to schedule a game during that time please speak with myself for solutions.

*In addition to the 1 assigned game per round, each player may schedule 1 extra game per round with a league player of their choice that will count towards league standings and tickets.
They may only play an extra game with each player once (in addition to assigned games) during the League. That being said play lots of Malifaux; although those extra extra games won’t count towards the League. *


All games will be either 40 to the full 50 Soulstone games, so please be courteous to your opponent and arrive at the agreed upon time and ready to play.

- Winners of each game will have their names entered into the draw for one ticket.

- Each player, will have the opportunity to have their names entered into the draw for one ticket by completing one or both of the 2 painting challenges. For the miniatures to qualify they must be Wyrd or acceptable conversion as per Wyrd’s policy and previously unpainted as of Feb 11th 2019.

- Each player may have their names entered into the draw for one ticket if they purchase a Wyrd product from a local store (simple proof of purchase must be provided to myself) of 15$ or more before taxes. Maximum 2 times.

- Each player will have their names entered into the draw once for each 2 games they play.

Each player may only win one draw prize; all draws will be made after the league by April 30th. 

Prizes include:

·           Uncertain at this point


#1 Monday March 4th to Sunday March 17th
#2 Monday March 18th to Sunday March 31st
#3 Monday April 1st to Sunday April 14th
#4 Monday April 15th to Sunday April 28th   


Painting Challenges:

#1 Paint 4 models to completion**
#2 Paint a further 4 models to completion**

**to completion = 3 colour minimum (with exception made by organiser if contacted) with completed bases (painted/sanded/flocked…). Large models may count as 2 (message me for approval).


1-  Pennie
2- Larry
3- Sheldon
4- Tyrone
5- Jeremy
6- Jess
7-  Terran


***NB*** If a game doesn’t at least have 4 complete turns played (unless an opponent conceded) it will be considered a Tie for scoring purposes.
Many crews and Schemes in the game are late game focused. Meaning they excel in turn 4 and 5 of the game and its not fair for those players to be penalized for short games. 
This is an unorthodox, but proper solution for our local meta.

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