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[POLAND] Malifaux Polish Nationals 2019, 16-17th March 2019, Krakow


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We're proud to announce Malifaux Polish Nationals 2019! After a successful event last March, with over 40 people from 5 countries, we hope to see you all again and have a great weekend of chatting, gaming and sheer fun. Book your flight/train or get your car ready, and don't forget to tell your mates!

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions: just leave a post here or write us an e-mail at malifaux.krakow@gmail.com


Place: Zet Pe Te - Sala Biała - Dolnych Młynów 10, Kraków
Player limit: 64
Number of games: 6 (unless we have less than 32 players)
Cost: TBA by January 13
Payment methods: Wire transfer, Paypal
Tickets: send an e-mail to: malifaux.krakow@gmail.com and you'll get the Paypal/bank account data to make your payment


Rules of Engagement:
- 50 SS Fixed Faction (optional: Iron Scorpius, details below)
2:00 h per game
- We'll use Malifaux 2nd Edition rules witth the most recent FAQ and errata, Gaining Grounds 2018 and a set of Polish rules clarifications (will be translated soon)
- Only fully painted crews allowed. Conversions allowed. Proxy models allowed if they clearly represent the model (if in doubt, contact us)
- TO and referees have final say in case of any rules disputes
- Referee will announce the last round 10 minutes before the end time and last activation once the round countdown strikes zero
- You declare the faction during registration
- Players need to use one of officials Wyrd fate decks or a regular deck of cards. Suits and values need to be clear and legible. You also need to have your own tape measure and any markers you may need to use (scheme, corpse, scrap, blast markers).
- Iron Scorpius: you can decide to play different master (within your declared faction) each round. There will be a separate prize for the best Iron Scorpius player.

Other considerations:
- Lunch details and recommended accomodation will be announced soon
- A bar at the venue offers drinks and there is plenty of great pubs, cafes and restaurants in the vicinity

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