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Hey guys,

I bought into the Backerkit Pre-order back in June to grab Abyssinia and Gibbering Hordes. I know back in like January or February there was an update posted that listed everything that was included at that point in time. Does anyone else know if that list has changed?

Last I knew the following models were not included as of that last post I saw:

Abyssinia: Mechanized Infantry, Kassa, Motorcycle, Electrocutioneers, Steel Legion

Gibbering Hordes: Barbed Crawlers, Horomatangi, Devouring Eel, Yarazi, Speckled Crawlers

Seriously debating trying to make sure I have at least one of everything, but if the "what's included list" has changed, it'd make it much easier to knwo what is still left for me to grab.

Thank in advance!

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Nevermind, I think I finally figured out how it all works! Now to figure out which of the above lists I want to have sooner rather than later XD

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