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20/05/2018, Tournament "Bay View Massacre" in Vladimir - 50 ss, GG2018


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Yarrr, gentlemen!

This is Magnificient Official Announcement of the Second Spring Vladimir Malifaux Tournament "Bay View Massacre", which is planned to be held on 20.05.2018 !!!1
Basic moments:
1. 50 SS

2. GainingGround 2018

3. Some down payment - 300r

4. Mandatory painted masters and totems

5. Mandatory decks with the suits of Malifaux

6. Maximum number of participants: 16 people

Theme for regs and foregrounds https://vk.com/topic-18394611_38028620 or my private messages.

Registration of shooters will began at 10am. 

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1. Anton Andrievsky (Neverborn) 7/7/19
2. Sergey Titov (Guild) 7/6/16
3. Alexander Bryzgalov (Outcasts) 6/11/21
4. Anton Kovalenko (Resurrectionists) 6/4/23
5. Andrey Maslov (Guild) 3/-3/19
6. Artem Volik (Arcanists) 3/-6/13
7. Mikhail Mikheev (Outcasts) 1/-7/14
8. Fedor Zharov (Outcasts) 1/-12/14

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