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Toledo Area Malifaux and Great Lakes Conference HUB


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Henchman Joe is setting up shop on the month of April Thursday's from 5pm-9pm or later we open till midnight to do demos and just fun education on an inexspensive way to roleplay and wargame even if it is not your thing.  I have a large collection so even if you want to play a different master or faction just get into contact with me.

If putting together models is not your thing we have people who can do that for you if painting is not your thing we have people who will help with that as well.

Any other area henchman get ahold of me if I don't get ahold of you first I am looking to form up as one to arrange a Great Lakes Conference Tournament at least once a year if not two I can house an 80 person event easy.  lets make our conference great and not segregate we play the game for the game not just for your local store branch out and get to know the other henchman.   

Location: 3001 W. Sylvania Toledo, OH 43613 

Store website www.toledogameroom.com

my contact email malifauxgameroom@yahoo.com    plz get ahold of me or join me on

Facebook grp Toledo Area Malifaux   or The Great Lakes Malifaux Conference


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