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H: Gremlins Almost Full Faction W: Paypal


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Hi all, i Have:

Explosive Solutions
Mc Tavish
Mechanized Porkchop
Merris Lacroix
Closing Brick's Time
The Kin
The Bayou Boss
Akaname (3 Pack)
Swine-Cursed (New in box)
The Sky Pirates (partially assembled)
Survivors (3 Pack)
Lucky Emissary
Old Cranky
Creative Taxidermy - Story Encounter
Rooster Riders (3 Pack)
The Bushwhackers
Hog Wild
Sammy Lacroix
Lucky Effigy
2 x War Pig
1 x Warpig eastern promo.
Slop Haulers
Whiskey Golem new in box)
2 x Piglets (3 Pack)
Hog Whisperer
Burt Jebsen
Bayou Gremlins (4 Pack)
The Swamp Hag
The carver 
Set 2 x Nurse
Set 2 x Performers
Crossroad Seven

All assembled, few things primered.

Ask 400$ shipping included to world

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