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[ITALY] Malifaux 50ss Tyrant Games Tournament 18-19 Nov Modena

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Hello Everyone!

We are glad to announce that on 18-19 Novembrer in Modena (Italy) we will have a 2 day Tournament inside a Wargaming Manifestation.

The tournament is spillted in 2 days, with 3 round the first day November 18 and 2 rounds + finals the next day November 19.

The entry fee is ONLY €10 for both days!

Gaining Gounds 50ss, with all the books playable.

For further information the FB Event is here: TYRANTS GAME

Our intention is to have this type of Event each Year.

There is also the possibility to sleep near the location for free (with sleeping bag) and on Sunday Evening we will have a dinner with typical Emilian dishes like Tigelle, grocco fritto, salumi etc.

For further information please contact me!


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